Inclutech materials

Math materials for Inclutech guide

Braille displayBraille printerLaptop with speech function and Braille displayBrailletabletCompassesCone, axial section in cone, pyramid, transversal section in pyramidCylinder with a part of its lateral surface removedDevelopment of a conedevelopment of pyramid, truncated pyramid, pyramidLateral surface of a cone, the base of a cone and the development of the coneProtractorPupil measuring the length of a rectangle using a special ruller for the blindRulerSet squareThe photograph shows a box with six balls, three of them are the models (large, medium, small) and the other three are identical with the models made from plasticineThe photograph shows four balls, one is like the ping-pong ball, the other is made from plasticine, having the same size; one wooden and one plasticine which are not identical.student arrange cubes in cubarihtm ,in columns, left and rightTriangular prism with its elements   base, edges, height, apothemTwo cones with coloured highlighted elements  base, radius, generatrix, heightHexagonal pyramid with some of the lateral faces removedMath2BrailleMicrosoft Word and Microsoft Equation


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Square root extration

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